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Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
I disagree. Like nwhookah said, cold molecules are closer together so if the smoke was cold it would be more dense.
The stem, water, hose, etc. is never cold enough to chill the smoke like that. The smoke is super-heated when it comes from the bowl, and cools slightly when it is scattered into separate bubbles in the water (because it has such a tiny surface area), and then the bubbles surface and pop and are released into the vase where you pull them directly out. After a pull, the smoke sits in the bowl, stem, vase, hose port, and hose. It is not being moved, and the hookah is pulled on average every 10-20 seconds, which barely allows the smoke enough time to cool to such a temperature. The only place at which it could possible cool that much would be in the water, if the water was extremely chilled and the smoke was diffused into such tiny bubbles that it would be quickly, easily, and efficiently super-cooled.
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