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Post Senior Shisha Question regarding this 'Stuff'

Hey Guys,

I bought my first hookah about 2 months ago and have been using it maybe 40times or so now. Iíve already bought new tobacco and even got myself a nammor hose
But since the first few times after using it Iíve noticed these weird Ďstainsí on the inside, where the hose valve enters, and also where the release valve goes intoÖ What is in there anyways?
Although Iím new to smoking my own shish aim not new to shisha itself and think I take care of it well.. I wash it out with water after every use and use brushes from time to time as well. Ive also soaked it in vinegar for about 45mins once in the 2months that Iíve had it and used some backing soda as well.. I did this just for fun basically, there was no real dirt I was aiming to get rid of.
2 of the pictures kind of show what I mean, but its hard to get a photo of it, it does look like rust and doesnít really come off easily, or at least I donít know how. The other pic just shows that it still in good condition. And I cant see the stains when the shisha is wet (when Iím running water through it) It does seem to have gotten a bit more since the first time I saw it. Looking into the shisha itself it appears like that stuff is all over the inside too but like I said earlier, what is inside there anyways? It looks a bit like wood but canít imagine that.

The Picís show what I mean on the inside of the hose valve but the same stuff seems to be all over the inside.
Iím in Singapore and its really humid here, so I store the shisha and all its components (except for base) in a cupboard and I put a dehumidifying thing in there too, those that keep moths away from clothes and soak up moisture. I also dry by shisha properly outside and shake it rigorously after washing to ensure as little water is left inside as possible.
This is a Ďsenior shishaí by the way.. a link to it here ( its in German btw)
[FONT=&quot]Here are the Pics:[/FONT]

So if anyone could help me identify what that is? Or what is in the inside of that area I would appreciate it; also how I can clean it properly to remove that stuff? And if its (more) unhealthy smoking it when that stuff is thereÖ

Thanks in advance and sry for the long post :P
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