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my parents got eased into it, when i went to off to college that was one of the few things to go do (even though i am in a larger city, wtf) so they found out i go to the hookah bars some times, then my friend came back from being stationed away for a while, i introduced him to hookah at the local lounge and we would go down there 2 maybe 3 times a week to see people we knew and smoke. then he got a hookah so i would just go chill with him at his place. when i was getting ready to move into my apartment i was going to buy a hookah but didnt know how to really tell the rents, then there was a nice little thing about what middle easterners do for vacation and they showed come people at a cafe smoking hookah, and i was explaining it to me mom a little better and said i was probably going to get one. "o ya?" from my mother and i told her how it was cheaper, cleaner, safer for me to get my own than to go smoke at a bar with the amount of diseases around this city.

and my mom was a cardiovascular nurse specialist and my dad is a safety freak (did S&R, environmental clean up, was a lawyer) but when i got my hookah the first day me and my best friend (that ive been friends with since we were like 4) came over and my mom came out side, insisted she get a picture of us and started referencing the caterpillar from alice in wonderland. only thing is when i go back home i cannot smoke inside

your of legal age, you parents can only control you so much, out of respect you should probably leave you stuff at your friends place but your not breaking the law in any way, if you explain to them what it is, how it works, that its legal and probably healthier they may call down

and as to the tar debate, "tar" is anything other than nicotine so water vapor in is that measurement, a lot of the time, but from most of the good articles ive seen that set everything up right the tar is minimal to none, and from my personal experience comparing cigs to hookah, i feel hookah has very very very little if any tar

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