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Default Couple Questions..

Ok so I just placed a (rather) large order a few days ago and it should be getting here on Friday.. I'm pretty new to hookah and wanted to try a range of stuff..

I bought a 2 hose KM Double Pear 38" hookah (And the extra hose)

The following 50g hookah hookah shisha:

7 spice (Was blueberry but it was back ordered, so they called and asked for another choice)

The following Nakhla 50g:
Double Apple

250g of hookah hookah green apple, 250g of starbuzz watermelon, a kilo of nour natural coal, and a washable Mya hose for my current, small hookah.

Let's not talk about how much I spent.

I'm planning on a party on Friday.. For the shisha I have listed.. Is there anything I should know as far as the hole pattern in the foil, number of coals, etc? I've never set used any of this stuff (Other than the nakhla double apple), as I said before, I bought a variety to try new stuff. I'd be fine with trial and error, but it's coming in on Friday and I'm going straight home from work to grab the hookah and then going out, so I don't really have time for that. Any tips are appreciated!
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