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Default Re: Hookah Health Hazards?

Avg Cig has about 10mg of nicotine, much of which gets burned off leaving around .7mg of nicotine which the user gets, or around 15mg of nicotine a pack.

Avg bowl of shisha is around 10 - 15g of Shisha and .05% nicotine. So... 10,000 - 15,000mg of shisha equals 5 - 7.5mg of nicotine per bowl much of which gets burned off (less I would assume as Shisha is cooked not burned) I would assume the average user gets around 1 - 2.5mg of nicotine per bowl, maybe less.

I may be off but at .05% nicotine it's not physically possible that a bowl of shisha has more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes.

As far as tar goes (the actual carcinogen) I'm not really sure on that. Shisha claims 0% tar but they fail to mention that is 0% *added* tar. Anything that burns releases tar. I would asume a bowl of shisha has more tar than a cigarette due to the smoking time.

Unfortunately very few studies have been done on smoking shisha.
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