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Default Re: Some Hookah Thinking... Huh...

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Oh no, these are all just thoughts first of all.

PG is used in electric cigs, that's it though. But I think the point of nicotine is so you can actually feel it's effects. When tobacco is washed, you can't feel that effect. So what's the point other than as a filler?
when I first started smoking I could feel minimal nicotine buzz from AF. Your body just gets used to it, like with cigs. I was thinking about this idea myself a few months ago when I had the idea of beef jerky based/flavored shisha LOL. The fact that you don't taste the tobacco makes you wonder what else you can use to make shisha. or like your idea of just smoking the juice itself. I might sacrifice some tobacco and squeeze the juice out into a phunnel and see what happens.

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