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Default Re: Hookah Health Hazards?

Originally Posted by ArcadeImp View Post
Avg Cig has about 10mg of nicotine, much of which gets burned off leaving around .7mg of nicotine which the user gets, or around 15mg of nicotine a pack.

Avg bowl of shisha is around 10 - 15g of Shisha and .05% nicotine. So... 10,000 - 15,000mg of shisha equals 5 - 7.5mg of nicotine per bowl much of which gets burned off (less I would assume as Shisha is cooked not burned) I would assume the average user gets around 1 - 2.5mg of nicotine per bowl, maybe less.

I may be off but at .05% nicotine it's not physically possible that a bowl of shisha has more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes.

As far as tar goes (the actual carcinogen) I'm not really sure on that. Shisha claims 0% tar but they fail to mention that is 0% *added* tar. Anything that burns releases tar. I would asume a bowl of shisha has more tar than a cigarette due to the smoking time.

Unfortunately very few studies have been done on smoking shisha.

rly? I'd asume less because your not actully suposed to burd the shisha...

one of the reasons why ciggis are harsh is because of the heat and tar
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