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Default Re: Senior Shisha Question regarding this 'Stuff'

Originally Posted by Cj Two A View Post
When dealing with corrosion like that the easiest way is to get some form of abrasive to clean it off. But don't stop there. Find some 0000 steel wool, or some really really high numbered grit sandpaper, and try to smoothe that area out. the smoother the better. If you just leave it rough then you have all these little dimples and scratches in which water can collect(doesnt matter if its a ridiculously small amount of h2o, remember that corrosion occurs on a molecular scale). The smoother the surface the less corrosion you will have longterm.

For instance, we have a bunch of table saws where i work, and the metal tops would rust semi-often. Which then required sanding and cleaning(can't have rust rubbing on solid stock cherry or birds eye maple).
I took the time to polish them all down to a close to mirror finish. That was 3 years ago and they haven't rusted since.
honestly you can just go to the 0000 steel wool probably, it doesnt look deep and should be fine with just 0000, if you are really worried about it you might want to get some tripoli or rouge and go at it but i dont think that is really necessary (it will be good but, a lot of work for what might not be the best results). you can also take a very hard piece of steel that has been polished to a perfect mirror finish and rub it over the cleaned surface with a decent amount of pressure (its called burnishing) and that will smooth the metal out and give you a polished finish on it... but if the item you use as a burnisher is not perfectly polished it is a waste of time

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