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Default A little smoke problem

Hey guys. I need your advice on a small(?) problem i have.

So, using a KM with a small phunnel and 3 CH coals, when i start the bowl the smoke cloud is very very big, but after 5-10 minutes its not the same(the coals are still pretty much in original shape). Tobacco used is Lucid and SB.

The grommets are fine, stem the same and there is not air leaking out of the hookah. So, propably the problem is the holes pattern? Or? The start of the bowl is really great, but i cant figure the reason why after some minutes its not pretty much the same. I have another coal sitting on tray and put it on after and play with the heat management, but i have to figure out to make the bowl consinstent for a longer period of time since the start.

Thanks in advance!
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