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Default Re: Some Hookah Thinking... Huh...

Nicotine still exists in washed brands. Enough to give a minor buzz. There is no way to remove all of the nicotine. It's like decaffeinated coffee. It still contains caffeine just a far lesser amount than normal coffee.

Glycerine is a safe product and once mixed properly loses it's hygroscopic properties. That is why glycerin is only a minor part of shisha tobacco and molasses or honey still constitute the majority. If you smoked just glycerin it could be an issue.

the smoke does not pick anything up from the water it just helps to cool and condense it. When I first started I tested how it would smoke without water. Still good just not nearly as cool. If the glycerin was still taking in water it would give our throats and lungs burns.

Also anyone who has smoked with too much glycerin added to the mix can tell you that no matter how much flavor there is it can not mask the flavor and odd mouth feel of the glycerin. A pure glycerin smoke would e a terrible idea.

There is more to respond to and refute but my computer is about to run out of battery. I will respond later with more. Sorry to sound like a downer. Just answering from my knowledge and experience. Most of what was said in this thread seems to be conjecture and assumptions. Some dangerous ones at that.
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