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Default Hookah from India.

A friend of mine recently went to India for christmas break and said he would bring me back a gift. This piece he said he picked up in a small city in Northern India where they claim the hookah pipe was invented. What truth lies in that statement I'm not entirely sure of, but this is one beautiful pipe.

The whole pipe is metal except for the downstem which is made of wood and the hose which is tubing with wood tips. The body of the pipe and the bowl are all hand engraved with scenes of peacocks and flowers. The pipe seperates into 4 seperate pieces. Bowl, Stem, Vase, and Base. The hose is not removable and the stem further seperates where the downstem connects so the wood stem can be changed if needed.

I havent smoked out of it yet, it will honestly probably remain a showpiece for my living room as I dont want to get it dirty at all. *It's truly a unique and beautiful hookah.

He also said he picked me up a pack of shisha that was made from tobacco grown on the slopes of the himilayas (mt.everest) but it got taken away in customs in China when he was on his way home

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