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Default Re: What is going on with tangiers lucid

i just got lucid watermelon too but it is fine. no acclimation needed at all. to me tangiers never really has a very strong flavor, but it still has good flavor. the tobacco itself also for the most part does not get a really strong smell to it a lot of the time but it doesnt smells off at all.

i have heard both that it needs to be acclimated and that it doesnt, john said it probably doesnt need it and i didnt need it, but my noir tangiers from him didnt need it either.

i have had a few batches before that never worked out right but i think it was more my fault than anything else

as to packing, i dont think normal tangiers even needs to be packed the way people say it does, i can pack it really tight or kinda lose and it tastes the same i just use less tobacco

you have to play around with it at first and either you get the exact way you need or you fail and probably never come back to tangiers, just the way it is

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