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Default Re: Where can I find "Shooting Star" tobacco?

Shooting Star is a little family made product from Syria and they basically sell it to established customers/friends rather then in a normal retail situation. They literally make a just a few hundred kilos a month so the truth is that it's pretty hard to get unless you know the right people in Syria. I was able to get samples out to 20 HPs and a friend of mine did about the same.

I did the same with a few other Iranian, Turkish and Syrian brands but the stuff is really hard to get so it's not something that I can do much of.

Brands like Dariush, Al Buhturi, Khansar (both of them), Manthnani, Bachi-Bagli Halva, Samsun Maden-Canek Halva and others are made by artisans for people that truely love quality tombacs, moassels and juraks. Unfortunately none of them are easy to get if you don't live within about 20Km of where they are made and know the right people.
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