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Default Re: KM how is it spelled?

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
In arabic, it has one spelling which is خليل مامون

The first word:
The first letter (خ) = kh .. it is pornounced as it is coming from down your throat
The 2nd letter (ل) = L .. exactly the same
The 3rd letter (ي) = Y or I
The 4th letter (ل) = L

The second word
The 1st letter (م) = M
The 2nd letter (أ) = A
The 3rd letter (م) = M
The 4th letter (و) = O
The 5th letter (ن) = N

I hope this helps
Im gonna add my little bit of input on top of that.
In the Khalil part, there is actualy a short vowel, its not written but implied, most short vowels arent usually written in common arabic. The Short vowel on the Kh is an "a"
So you would actually get Kha-lil which is pretty much right....
And please note, its not a K, its a glottal noise...think flem...

As for the A in the second part, there is a glottal stop, you say the "a" sound for a second and stop it with your throat, thats the only way I could explain it without you seeing me do it.

As for the O in the second part, I would just like to note that this O is more of a OO sound.

If I were to consistently write it, I'd write it as Khalil Ma'moon.
I would throw that apostrophe in for the glottal stop.

However, since the company doesnt try for consistency, I think as long as what you type looks like it sounds, you are fine. If anyone tells you are spelling it wrong, slap them with the hose.

(yes I'm gonna say it)
But why does it matter, Syrian brass is still better .

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner
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