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Default Re: Where can I find "Shooting Star" tobacco?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Very encouraging to hear that you like the traditional style stuff. I'm glad you mentioned Contentment as it encouraged me to rummage around and found a little stash I forgot about.

I I plan on whipping up a bit of my homemade stuff as well while waiting for my monster shipment the Societe Chark Du Tobac to come in. If need to get back to Iran I plan on picking up as much local traditional stuff as I can lay my hands on. I can't recall, did you get to try Shooting Star?
Sadly no. I was not able to get into the tasting on that one. I hope your homemade tobacco comes out well. Hopefully my new batch comes out well also and we can compare notes. I have been having some fun with the salloum unflavored i have and what I can do with it. I mixed my salloum with a little honey and some nakhla earl gray and had a great smoke the other night. My major goal with making my own tobacco will be to have my own direct source for traditional style tobaccos.

That must be quite the order Hajo. If my memory serves me well I wanted to order from them a long time ago but they only allowed the ordering of 10x250g cartons. No single available.

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