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Originally Posted by xHARRYxCOLONx View Post
dude coldgreentea seriously man... stop being a thread necromancer and posting dumb things please... not trying to be mean but if u want more post counts just post in newer threads... im sure this guy has a hookah by now and doesnt need the advice anymore.
I agree with Harry on this because:

1. In my opinion, your comment didn't have much to do with the intention of the original thread, nor was your comment very clear to begin with.

2. The length of the thread will double once everyone appends thier "dude, this is so old" comment to it, making it hard to find anything of real value when it comes to hookah info.

3. The purpose of searching through old threads is to find the answer to very common (and by now overly discussed) questions, YOURSELF. If you have further questions after that, then your post will probably be more useful because there is some actual thought and research behind it.

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
And while this whole thread might seem pointless and uninformative, it can help newer members become more engulfed in the hookah world, thus giving our community a more positive image in society. Thats just how i see it...

Are you running for public office or something? In my opinion, thats the biggest airball of a response I have ever seen. If you can tell me how

name of the hookah: The Sultan
type of hookah: HUGE
size of the hookah:HUGE
price of the hookah: lots

helps anyone become more engulfed in hookah world, or how that response gives hookah a more positive image in society, then I have some shrimp farms in Ecuador that I can sell to you.

Bottom line, I think anytime somebody brings old threads back like this, it should be for a relevant reason, and not some filler like what was used above. Again, just my opinion.

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