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Default Re: Trip to the middle east!

Ba'eshin is really good jurak if my memory is right but I know they also make a pretty typical moassel. I don't think I had Sindy. I was rummaging around through my stockpile and I found a bit of jurak called the "Pride of Nejd" which has the typical wax paper & string packing. I ask around and I was told that one should keep an eye out for "the joy of Al Jawf" jurak and a blended tombac called "the wind of Jizan". Apparently those are amazing family made products but I haven't tried them.

A lot of stuff is custom made in various cafes but apparently it's all fruit type stuff which isn't what i'd look for if I ever wind up back in the KSA.

You are right that the people that like tombac and jurak generally hate moassel and that seems to be true in India, Iran, Syria, the KSA or any place else you'd go. A lot of cafes won't you smoke moassel if they jurak or tombac.

Anyways, it's super importaint to follow local customs exactly and pay really close atention to what is happening if you want to be accepted and get the most out of the visit.
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