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Default Re: Trip to the middle east!

I'd suggest you ship as much stuff back via the mail as possible since you can't take very much through customs. When I went to the KSA I recall that customs (I was still in the U.S. then) would only let me take 1lb so I mailed something like 5 kilos back. Sure I had a big customs bill (but a lot less then what I pay in excise taxes here) but in the end it was still pretty cheap.

When I buy good, locally made tobacco products overseas (not something made by a big firm) I always give the vendor a lot more then what he asks. I do that since the product is worth it and the people that make juraks or what have you deserve more then what the local market will pay them.

Anyway, I hope you have fun a remember to obey all the local laws and folkways to the greatest extent possible.
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