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Originally Posted by daedra
i went to J & R to buy a blue nammor hose. the price already - 25 bucks is quite high but i dont care. so im giong thru the shipping and stuff, and it says 23 bucks for shipping! my total is almost 50 bucks! the shipping costs almost as much as the hose!!! wtf!
$25.00 is retail, if you read and did a little search I have a special discount code for Nammors that will put them at a price no one can beat...literally.

$23.00 shipping is ridiculous I agree. The USPS shopping cart feature might be still f*cked up. You should have contacted me and I would have taken care of it in like 2 seconds, lol.

I just did a check on the system. Shipping a Nammor to New York is $8.05 for Priority. Thats 2 day shipping for $8 bucks. You sure you weren't looking at the Express shipping option?

Like I said, before jumping to conclusions and assuming Im horrible and Im trying to rip you off, contact me.
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