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Default Re: Distinct flavor...

Originally Posted by TheHookahStore View Post
They use honey instead of molasses which may have something to do with it.
a lot of other brands use honey and have no where like that taste (nakhla, sb, and i think af)
Originally Posted by NickGOA View Post
I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. It's not a tobacco taste or coal taste or anything not working properly, it's just the overall taste and feel of that brand of tobacco, it's like a signature taste so if, say, you were smoking out of someone elses hookah and you didn't know what brand, you would be able to tell just from the specific taste that it gives out. I know what you mean and I always have the hardest damn time trying to explain it to people

All the brands I smoke have that, I can tell if I'm smoking AF or HH or Layalina (have most experience with) they all just have their own trademark taste/feel.
i agree, there are differences with brands, tangiers has a natural and full taste, even the lucid has a pretty full taste, nakhla has a lighter than tangiers but has a distinct taste especially while warming up, af just has kind of a candy/chemical/creamy taste to a lot of the flavors, SB is hard to nail down what it is but it has a taste

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