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Default Re: Tobacco laws blow

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Yeah, nothing like a visit from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Ouch, no thanks.
ya getting M4's, 9mms and 12 gauges pointed at me after my door is kicked down is not high on my list of things i would like.

Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
I live in Oregon and all of the lounges are being shutdown because of a new law that says that you can't smoke within 10 feet of a business. hookah lounges have to be freestanding now and I'd assume that that's too expensive for most lounges.
there should be an exception for business that are smoking lounges of the like. and if there isnt you just make it a "club", let any one join for the price of one hookah, and they get a free hookah when they join, then they have to pay the same price to come back and smoke as a member of the club. some places have done it, its perfectly legal as a loop hole.

honestly though the whole "no smoking by a business because people coming in or out may be bothered and the employes may be bothered" its a freaking hookah bar, if you dont want smoke you wont go in, no server is going to feel they dont want to be around the smoke
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