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Default Re: you might be a hookah nut if...

Originally Posted by Mende View Post
If your favourite activity during somking is packing a second bowl and preparing new coal.
If your flatmates complain about the smell even if there are 3 fire doors between you.

If someone knocks at your door with fire extingusher because they saw smoke comming out of you window.
If you stay up all nght thinking of new combinations.
If you walk hardware stores looking for potential super hookah components.
If you like to knock flies out the air with smoke and succeed.
If you lock your shisha away for 3 days hoping to expell enough nicotine out your system hoping to feel a buzz again.

If you have a leopard print carpet just to hide burn marks.
If you clean your stove with a vacuum cleaner.
bold- applies to me. hahah

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
- If you have had Sambooka's SAC in your mouth .. and liked it!
dude, sambooka. i smoked your sac the other night and it was fantastic. i'm almost out already!
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