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Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
I'm not really planning something like this:
Just change the cup out for a hookah and you have an alcoholic hookah.

The dry will NOT be in the hookah vase, not even touching it.

Best way I can put it. bLook at this picture:

In the *** with the chocolate, that would be the bowl with the hookah vase in it.
The bigger *** is where the dry ice would be. Along with some water. The water and the dry ice would create a nice smoke effect, and freeze the *** which the hookah is in.
Fairly certain dry ice does not react in a way to make the alcohol gaseous. Conservation of energy pretty much destroys that idea....Gaseous alcohol is a high energy state, the alcohol is not going to gain energy from the dry ice, it is going to lose it. He was huffing straight CO2.
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