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Default Re: Unflavored shisha

Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
Is this an acquired taste? I can't stand the taste of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco and wouldn't want to smoke it through a hookah. Does it taste different?
Good sir, what do mean by this?

Cigarettes, I can get that, they all taste the same, like crap.

Cigars and pipe tobacco though... That's a WORLD different than cigarettes. The tastes of these types of smoking tobacco is unbelievably different than anything else.

Anyways, the only thing that I would consider close to "smoking a cigar" through the hookah would be Tumbak (the leaves you have to prepare yourself). If you can inhale that stuff, you smoke too many cigs.
The complicated bundle of flavors, like in a cigar, is there, along with the aftertaste.

Desi murli is not like smoking a cigar, it is more like a smoking a pipe. Desi is very sweet and spicy, the tobacco flavor is the best part though. There's really nothing like it on the US market, unless you want to smoke a pipe or buy cigars.

No matter what, hookah tobacco is so much different than other forms of tobacco. But in many aspects, the same.
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