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Default Re: Unflavored shisha

Originally Posted by necco View Post
Straight up Nakhla Apple seems to have no flavour whatsoever. I suppose I'd like to try a decent unflavoured at some point but that seems to defeat the point.
my nakhla apple has a great amount of flavor and i think it was even on the shelf of the shop here for a while

Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
Is this an acquired taste? I can't stand the taste of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco and wouldn't want to smoke it through a hookah. Does it taste different?
its not acquired per say but it is not for everyone, especially after you smoke for a little while and get to the point that you want more plain flavors or at least less candy (dont get my wrong i still enjoy some sweet flavors but i like the more natural ones as my go to smokes now). i have tried almost every form of tobacco (except snus and tombeik) and each and every one had a very different taste in what ever form they were used. unflavored shisha has a very specific flavor, a little spicy but a good smoke to try a few times at least.

i started out with nakhla kass super that is pretty good, a little bit more spicy (kinda musky that this and sallom has, but more in kass super). sallom was a bit smoother just harder to pack because it felt like it was glued together cause it had also dried out.

i follow the guide in the hookahlife page that hajo usually puts up, it says 1/4 tsp glycerine and 1/8 tsp molasses to about a small phunnel worth of tobacco.

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