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Default Re: Looking at a 32" Queen...

Originally Posted by phatpride1 View Post
Dood why a rotater hookah, they are so ugly. But what every your things is then get it.
Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I like my 1 hose rotator hits like a champ, but the 2 hose version is totally shit, so i cant imagine how the 4 hose ones gonna be like

I have a 4 hose rotator that smokes as well as any other. thing is i plug the other 3 holes with corks. auto seal on these suck ass.

Plus, i use it just to smoke, i don't need a nice looking rig to smoke from, idc if its an eyesore.

Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
it's annoying to clean and it's hard to screw the stem onto the base.

I was wondering if anyone has this and knows how to replace the batteries for the leds.
there should be a place on the stem that unscrews from the cover of the round vase. i don't usually unscrew from the vase cuz its hard to find rotator grommets that fit if it wears out. BUT i do sometimes so i can fit a huge ass chunk of ice in there (+1 for huge room). you clean it like any other hookah and i never buy rigs with lights.but im guessing its under the vase. just unscrew the vase from the rotating part.
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