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kinda to lazy to read all of this or the idea in detail but here is some more info on glass.

glass does not break because of the temp no matter what any one wants to tell you, it is be cause of the thermal shock of one part being hot and the other cold. when glass is made it must cool evenly and slowly (if you cool it in a controlled manner fast you get tempered glass which is very had and will shatter in small rounded pieces when it breaks). glass (as long as it was properly made and annealed ) it can take a lot of extreme temps and a good amount of thermal shock.

and a random fact, glass breaks more easily when it is warm than when its cold (warm/cold being relative terms when working glass hot, so hot being 1300F -1400F probably and cold being 1000-1100F even though it can crack when its still a little soft)

the real thing is getting the glass to the temp slowly, when we need to reheat a piece of glass it usually takes a few hours going from 100*F in the shop temp to the 950-1000F needed to pick it back up, if the piece is thinner than 1/2 of an inch you can probably get away with 30mins.

but once glass is annealed at at roomtemp i am not sure how slow you need to chill it, ill check today and see if my prof knows

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