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Default My new baby ..... KM Tri Metal 40" ... Straight from the KM Shop in Cairo


Remember my 32" chiller? I decided that was not enough .... so I bought the KM tri metal 40" ..... Been itching for a new decent rig for long ..... There goes the photos

Here is the beast

Decent downstem !

Brass tree, leather hose, windcover ..... can't complain !

Sexiest base I have EVER seen .... with Ottoman-style Arabic writings and a brushed white background ..... The one with a black foreground (instead of the blue) was EVEN sexier, but it was smaller and did not fit the stem

Btw, the smudges here are water vapor coz I washed it (was kinda dusty inside)

Total cost, with bowls, stem, base and all? 37 US Dollars ..... More expensive than the dual metal chiller, but worth it .... can't wait to get to smoke it.

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