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Originally Posted by daedra
25 bucks is quite high but i dont care.... so im giong thru the shipping and stuff, and it says 23 bucks for shipping! my total is almost 50 bucks! the shipping costs almost as much as the hose!!! wtf!
Most people...when they see something like that, They contact the vendor. Why? Because that isn't normal. What you did, however, was make it public and bash my site...or atleast thats the way I took it.

No hard a business owner, I deal with situations like that all the time. Next time you have a problem with a vendor, whether me or someone else, just ask them or confront them.

Also, the whole USPS shipping thing was made public just a few threads back.

Again, no hard feelings. I woulda saved you a few bucks, but you seem happy.
Happy thanks giving.

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