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Default Re: Advice On A Hookah

Generally, most MZ models feel more generic when compared to KM dual-metal or Tri-Metal stems. The gauge is smaller on MZ hookahs as well.

I would say KM standard models and MZ's are pretty much one in the same, except for a brass purge valve on the KM pipes, and better weld quality. KM's and MZ's will smoke without much noticeable difference. MZ stem construction feels lighter and thinner in comparison to a KM.

The new KM's I have seen are complete crap though, even tri-metals and dual-metals wiht brass pieces. Yuck.

You could go either way and have a great hookah that will last and perform well. I would say go for the MZ if you can't get a good quality KM. MZ's basically cost 30 buck less than KM's and smoke the same.
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