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Default Re: my new hookah brothers 4 hoser

o dont get my wrong i loved mine but after a while it loosened up and gave me issues so its been kind of shelved for now in favor of my mya mini acrylic since i can set it up faster and dont deal with the few issues my rotator has. also the way mine is made the foot of the base and the bottom of the rotator bearing housing are 2 parts and the joint broke so it will lean, i need to fix it and figure out a way to tighten up my bearing pivot and then i will probably use it more again (the 2 hose makes it so easy when people come over)

where did you get yours from, it has a slightly different shape on the stem than mine and the glass looks much better than mine does (i have the red glass which is just coated because according to H-S the red glass is really pink... as i can hold onto a color rod of red glass that will blow up to a nice red if done correctly)

i hope you have better luck than i did but i do suggest transporting it very very gently because mine have the seam issue after it sat in a case at home and was driven home and then back to school so im not to sure when it broke

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