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Default Re: clearing harsh smoke.

I used to have that hookah, I thought it had a traditional chamber, not a common, but I dont remember.

There are many syrians today with common chambers...but there are egpytians with common chambers too... I try to only buy traditional chambers.

As for clearing. If it has an autoseal system, all that means is that there is a ball bearing that will stop you from inhaling air from another hose.

When you exhale through the hose, you are basically forcing the ball bearing to seal the hose port...making its basically impossible to clear.

Take a ball bearing out of one of the hose ports, usually you just unscrew and there will be a ball there. Make this your dedicated side, the side you will smoke from even if alone, the only issue is if someone wants to use the other hose(s) you will have to plug it with a finger.

My glyph had the same thing, autoseal system, its an annoying feature that is really really really really easy to fix.

Congrats on your syrian brass btw.

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