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Default Re: Jurak? how its made?

Jurak varies a lot in how strong it is and how it's made depending upon where it from since the sort of tobaccos used varies all over the place just like Western pipe tobacco. Basically, it's finely cut leaf that can bee a big bigger then Hookah-Hookah brand stuff to being a very fine powder. It usually is sticky rather then wet, never has glycerin added and has a bunch of herbs added for flavourings. It never has fruit flavourings. In India the term is sometimes used to describe black style moassel. The more traditional juraks use molasses while the more modern ones use honey. The mixture is baked rather then pressure cooked as is typical with modern, mass produced moassels and depending upon how long it's baked and at what temprature the molaases and herbs meld to varying degrees with the tobacco. very often the tobacco used is a complicated blend with 6 or more types of tobacco. Often the blend is fermented in addtition to the individual leafes being cured.
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