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Default Re: Follow the Sahara Example

Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
But the point of this is promoting hookah-hookah and hookah pro. It's like a huge commercial only more people benefit out of it and it's probably cheaper. I'm sure if tobacco ads were legal on television on the US we wouldn't get the opportunity to sample these products before we buy them.

So for probably less than the price of one prime time commercial
-people get to sample flavors so they can tell what they like
-customers get honest opinions from people similar to them
-This community gets advertisement
-Sahara smoke gets advertisement
-Sahara smoke learns what they need to improve upon

What are the negatives?
you mean other then the vendor loosing money and everybody always looking for handouts free extras. SSC is going well over anything needed here for the hp community. I just think that we should be happy for what we have been given and not seek for more handouts but go out and buy the products you want to try out, cause that helps the vendor out a lot more. And these reviews- well u still have to try the flavor urself to know if you like it, i know several people have told me they liked what i said was bad and did not like the stuff i said was great
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