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Originally Posted by highlight View Post
Smoking messes up your lungs period. Can you tell? Probably not unless you're involved in athletic activity. When I smoke I really can feel it in the gym or when riding the day after (especially). I freakin smoked 2 bowls with a friend on saturday and felt plus heard a wheeze yesterday that I know is from smoking. That freaked me out, so I gotta say I'm gonna b smoking less. And hopefully get my fitness up.
um, idk what your doing to set up your rig or if you just have sensitive lungs but i smoke 2-3 bowls a day and dont have a cough or anything, i probably would be better off not smoking but what ever. the reason i cannot run far or do much athletic stuff is because i havent dont crap for a while, most athletic things i do are walking 4 blocks each way to 1 class and blowing glass (but thats more weight and endurance of weight than cardio)

but ya whats will all the necro posts lately
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