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Default Re: Bought and smoked my first hookah today.....

Jewels is gross. When I started hookah I bought a lot of Al-Waha, it's very cheap (less than $2 for 50 grams at my local shop) and they have some really great flavors. Mint, orange cream, after nine, and guava are my favorites. I'm sure like eight million people here are going to tell you to smoke nothing but nakhla, but if you're not already a smoker the buzz that comes with it will probably turn you off to hookah. I want to warn you about starbuzz, it has some nice flavors but it is not worth the price at all.

If you decide that you really like hookah you should think about upgrading your pipe when you have some extra cash. The three big brand names in hookah are khalil mamoon, nour, and mya. I think it's just a matter of preference between the three, but I am under the opinion that mya's are overpriced. also has some nice egyptian and syrian hookahs. I've also heard good things about magdy zidan. The hookah you have now will probably only last 3-5 months so you have some time to read and decide what you like.

I would switch to natural coal. I use exoticas, they're cheap and pretty good. coconaras and ************* coals are good, but pretty expensive. I don't like lemon wood coals. Some other people do though. Give them a try, it's like $5 for a 2
lb bag I think.

Some flavors linger, but they're not at all like cigarettes. Your hookah probably already has bearings so the other ports don't need to be plugged. If they do, just put a piece of duct tape over them.

Hope you enjoy your purchase and welcome to hookahpro.

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