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Default Re: Bought and smoked my first hookah today.....

yay more hookah people.

naw the flavors dont stick like cigs, thats whats great about hookah, you dont stick after, you can smoke inside and the is minimal to no residual smells and most of them go away pretty fast if they stick.

i would suggest getting to better coals and tobacco, jewels is kinda bad over all the double apple flavor i had tasted fine but was wayyyy to much juice. things like nakhla, Al Fakher, Starbuzz, al waha are much better brands and will give you better flavors for the most part. as to coals at least try and get some god quality Quick lights such as 3 kings or goldens, natural coals are much better but at first you may not be able to tell the difference, but once you start to use natural coals for a while and try to go back to QLs you will taste a huge difference. as to the brands of naturals, i like coco style coals like coconaras and johns CH coals, coconaras are more expensive but last longer a bit, but johns coals are so cheap in comparison i dont mind. exoticas are cheaper but i dont like them, they (at least used to) break apart some, ash a whole lot, and leave a smell after lighting in my apartment, plus you have to cut them up (some see it as a pro some see it as a con). but 8 bucks for 75-100 coals of exoticas 14 for 84 of cocos, and 14 for 132 of CH coals.


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