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Default Re: Follow the Sahara Example

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
So true, i know i have given a product a higher rating just because it was free, i know i shouldnt have but it influences you if u didnt pay for it.

Like i gave hh green apple more then blue mist WTF
That is the problem with recieving free stuff and being obliged to make a review on it. This is where bias comes in. You can't tell if the reviewer is being honest unless that consumer paid for it and owes nobody and is doing the review out of his/her passion for hookah and educating the community.
The HH promo is just that a promo to get hype and it's working, everyone is reveiwing and causing this hype. And you guys get free smoke, so win/win maybe but if you are listening to a review by someone who feels obligated to give a good review than the review is just another paid advertisment. Kind of like an infomercial when they bring in a celebrity to endorse it. We are all members here and we recognize members of the community when they make videos.

Now when you ask other's to follow the Sahara Sample and bring up Nakhla reps you need to look at it in perspective. SSC an HH/HF are one in the same and it's they're product and it is to their benefit to promote.
Nakhla, the leading shisha producer in the world doesn't give a rat's ass about you, niether does Karabetian. Do you really think they have time to spread out sample so you can review? NO! They are doing ok with out your review and your business. Same thing with SB, same thing with AF. Don't even think you'll get a sample for free from those companies. Even Tangiers, a much smaller company most likely will not do that.
Fantasia, maybe, Fusion, probably not anymore, Epic definately YES!...catch my drift. If the product is already successful then they don't give out freebies.
Now vendors that carry their products may give you samples however that vendor will be paying for it out of pocket (not that SSC isn't).

I agree with what SSC/HH is doing is doing but what I don't agree with is a review that I feel may be biased. My final word on reviews, if you bought it then I will watch it and take it seriously.

Since I am using the word biased, I know since I am a vendor this could be seen as biased, so feel free to factor that in to anything I said.

I love!
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