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Default Re: Follow the Sahara Example

I agree with a lot of what is being said here - dont take this as a plea for free stuff, because that is absolutely not what I want. And anyone out there knowingly making a biased review should be ashamed. So far, i've been honest, and I know that giving some HF a bad review wont disqualify me so I don't mind doing it.

The great thing, I think, about the SSC contest is that it gets people talking about a newer, lesser known brand, and once people tried it and review it, new people can judge from the reviews. It is a business move that will definitely improve SSCs business after the contest.

This thread is to encourage vendors who are new, or who want to introduce something new, to give a chance to review it. Even a small scale, such as ten or fifteen samples going out, gets people reviewing and with reviews come product improvements and sales.

So no, everyone on here isnt entitled to free anything. However, if a company wants people to check out their products, SSC is using a great method for getting that done.

Rant Over.
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