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Default Re: Follow the Sahara Example

Originally Posted by jayrunner89 View Post
i am starting to think that me and brad are the only one who really enjoy hh and hf, i have not given anything a bad rating just cause well its just my opinion on it and others have to try it themselves to see if they think its good or not, well i said the grape sucked cause it was not at all like grape then one of my subscribers goes out and buys alot of hh because of my vids and tells me he loves hh grape-go figure right
I enjoy HH.. Haven't tried HF.. Someone made a comment about green apple tasting like green jolly ranchers and cigarettes.. All I got was the green jolly rancher flavor and I LOVED it.. I bought a 250 of it.

You kinda have to baby the HH.. I tired it at a party on Friday and it didn't go so well.. Everyone was antsy and it got burned and that wasn't fun.. But when I'm home alone or with just one other person or something, and can actually manage it.. HH is great.
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