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Default Re: Jurak? how its made?

It is my experience that the people that like traditional products such as jurak, tombacs and black moassels are adamantly opposed to modern style moassels IF they know about them at all. More often then not the guys that some stuff like jurak have never tried the mod stuff because it's not obtainable unless you are in a big city.

When you go to a cafe typically it's either for tombac, jurak or moassel and the managment won't let you smoke something other then the cafe's speciality. some times the cafes are segregated with the different types of products being smoked in different rooms.

In the West it seems to me that the fruity/candy/drink type stuff is 90%+ of what is available and since that is what is popular and accessible that is what people like. The people that use the more traditional products are usually people that have been raised within a narghile culture very different then the college atmosphere we are used to so they see things very differently.

While I like some mod style stuff my preferences are very much more towards the traditional stuff. It seems to me that few people enjoy both equally.
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