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Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
um, idk what your doing to set up your rig or if you just have sensitive lungs but i smoke 2-3 bowls a day and dont have a cough or anything, i probably would be better off not smoking but what ever. the reason i cannot run far or do much athletic stuff is because i havent dont crap for a while, most athletic things i do are walking 4 blocks each way to 1 class and blowing glass (but thats more weight and endurance of weight than cardio)

but ya whats will all the necro posts lately
Man, easy on the dissments! I did like 40 min of stair climber that day, and just sayin its much harder to workout after smoking, period. Smoking is smoking no matter how you put it, you're still getting shit into your lungs. 4 blocks of walking is all your activity? Keep smoking 3 bowl/day without staying in some kind of shape and l think you'll have trouble going much further...
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