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Originally Posted by highlight View Post
That's cool, sometimes it is a curse. I just enjoy smoking and enjoy working out, so I gotta balance both. It's good that you stay active on the daily, maybe more important than going to the gym.
I just am stressing I hope we all take care of ourselves... while enjoying life.
ya, my prof for glass blowing said he only goes to the gym so he can lift/work heavy pieces of glass more easily, and i think it pays off for him cause he does some really nice large stuff... then again he also skates or used to at least (hes really messed up his knee so idk how much more he does)

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
i hate running, i hate it so friggin much, but i have to do it at least 3 times a week. this week i'll end up running around 18 miles, already a third of the way done...and i hate it, and i hate the way my legs feel....and i cough my lungs out like crazy when im done, but shit, if i didnt run, id be like 20lbs heavier
ya i cannot run just to run, i would run down the street and be dead but could go play paintball all weekend and not get winded (probably all the adrenaline) but just running also kills me knees. i got lucky in the weight department and lost 25 lbs when i stopped eating anything with gluten (found out i have celiac disease which basically make gluten a poison for my body).

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