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Default Re: Where can I find "Shooting Star" tobacco?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I'm about 3 times the average poster's age and having worked in a good field for a while I have a bit more of the readies but the main reason why I can make an order for 40 Kilos is that about 30 of it going to and paid for by others.

Abu, don't bother with that UK supplier they suck. When I contacted SCT I had someone write them in French to set the account up. They only speak French and Arabic which it kind of weird since since they have a site with English on it.

It appears that the SHooting Star blends al Atassi and Ayn Jalut and Neroulos Jurak are going to to be posted to me shortly and I hope I'll get enought to distribute so keep an eye open people!
I guess I could write to them in French but at this point it does not seem worth it. Oh well. It was worth a shot. Ia m still hoping we can find a reputable distributor that wants to make the endeavor. I know they would get support from us.
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