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Default Re: Hookah repair person?

its not welded, it soldered in with the crapy plumbers style of solder. you need to flux it if you are going to try to repair it with solder.

jb weld would be ok, super glue and hot glue no, super glue has only tensile strength and not torque strength (the reason the crazy glue add has the guy hanging by the helmet above him).

supposedly there is a new 3m product that is out (been used in industry for a while) that will glue any 2 metals together (assuming they are solid metals) so that is one option too, along with any epoxy that would be food safe when dry (just needs to fully off gas)

i had that happen to me, H-S told me to send it back (i had just send it another one that wasnt fixed right, so i asked if i could fix it my self, they said ya, i tried following their instructions exactly and it failed miserably so i sent it in, not to impressed with their repair guys)

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