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Default Re: What shisha is this?

yep again plain salloum

there is a link floating around that i lost again some how, that is a hookah life page, tells you how to set it up. basically you want a wide shallow bowl or a phunnel with mod, take a small phunnels worth of the tobacco and mix with 1/4 tsp glycerine and 1/8th tsp molasses (black strap) mix well. i like to let it sit to try and get the moisture to penetrate back into the tobacco some.

you wont get a whole lot of smoke out of it but its a nice cool thing to try. you need to rotate your coals often though with it to prevent burning but do not put them on the tobacco, this is just a black style molasses/moassel/shisha set it up pretty much like normal. i use 3 CH coals on a mod bowl and get good results, the page said to start it with 4 and drop to 2 as it gets going, i might try that because i never get it to be harsh or burned even if i let the coals sit so i might not be giving it enough heat to start with

how wet is yours? i got some that was really really dry, like it felt like it was glued together almost, very sticky and very little moisture at all.

im not really knowledgeable on this stuff but i have experimented with this and kass super recently so ill try to answer any questions you have with it either here or if you pm me either way

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