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Default Re: Syrian to Egyptian style head

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Just another indication that this place has the best people and my questions can always get answered. I tried nofrendo's idea and while it worked I can't say I was too happy with the looks or the functionality but, it was better then nothing, very easy and cheap so it was a great idea. I checked with HC and they said they used to carry an adaptor made by Tangiers but they have had any for over a year.

I was pretty hot to get the adaptors that Mya and Social Smoke carry but Mya told me flat out that it won’t work and the Social Smoke unit is far to small to do the trick. The receptacle into which the Syrian bowl rests is about 30mm in diameter about 40mm high. Luckily, I found a great solution.

I found a threaded brass hose barb laying around the yard so I cleaned it and found it fills the head receptacle perfectly and extends up enough to mount a bowl on it. Normal ceramic bowls are unstable but still usable since the hose barb doesn’t taper. Luckily, my small funnel can be mounted solidly on the barb so in the end it works great.
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