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Default Re: Follow the Sahara Example

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
HH and HF are established brands! They have quite a large operation!

As for the flavor, you need to learn to manage your heat .. it doesn't require much, if you are burning it, you obviously have too much heat on it! If you are getting weak smoke, then you are not giving it enough time to heat up, or you just need more heat (Try a windcover, it works very well with light coal and HH / HF)

As for reviews .. I have said it many times .. but I will go ahead and say it again!
DO HONEST REVIEWS! If you like it, say you like it, if you don't, say you don't! It is just that simple!

I will NEVER say I like something if I don't .. I get asked to do reviews and I let manufacturers know I am GOING to give it an honest review. Most of them never send me product because of my honesty .. lol .. but I am NOT in this to get free shyt, I am in it because I have a passion for hookah and want to contribute my knowledge and opinion to my fellow hookah enthusiasts! A lot of the stuff I do reviews on is stuff I get for myself! This is all done because the MODs and I wanted to create a site that is unbiased and REAL!

So to everyone participating in this "FUN" contest .. and getting the great opportunity to try some HH and HF for "FREE" .. THANKS for participating and offering up your valued opinion and taking the time to MAKE VIDEOS for Hookah! (It is greatly appreicated that you are taking the time to support the community with videos of all products and tobacco)

And to those that find fault in something that is supposed to be fun and informative .. there are always other sites you can go to .. save the drama for your mama!

Just remember to keep the reviews real ... that is how we do it here at Hookah Pro!

yer damn right!

For those who are still confused about the point of this thread:
Good job SSC!
This has worked out well and bolstered the community!
More is better!
Most importantly, reviewing this stuff on any different level than any other product is useless to everyone! It may affect it a little, but please do your best to remain neutral. If you feel like you can't be neutral, let us know.

my only points. thanks everyone!

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