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Default About Tangiers

Some of you all may have seen my Tangiers blueberry review and so i'll mention some things i've noticed about Tangiers.

A) Acclimation is a hassle -

Waiting a day and not being able to use my favorite bowl is pain that means i'll be smoking this brand infrequently. Trying to smoke it after just a few hours is impossible for me.

B) Even with a small funnel it takes far more time to smoke Tangiers then I ever have free which makes me think I should put in the mod. Anyone have any thoughts about that idea?

C) Before I can pack a bowl I have spend literally ten minutes picking out stems and looks like literally a quarter of the pack is stuff I can't smoke. This really makes me wonder if I should buy Tangiers again. For a cheap shisha this is understandable but still a pain and for a more expensive product this is just not acceptable.

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