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Default Re: Local Vendors email me

Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
I'm definitely offended guys, I don't wanna read grown-up words like "penis" when I have the (rather large) tip of a razan hose in my mouth.
ok so im taking it that this is sarcasim right...?

hmm... i dont find this to be at all funny... were all adults here and posting in such an immature way is kinda... well... childish. I think we should respect all the other members of HP and if a mod (Dunkel) asks us to keep the posts clean and respectful we should do so.

anyways back to the topic of the thread shall we as so we dont completely ruin chris's post.

It would be really cool if vendors carried these tips from you Chris and TDE! I hope that they are really successful and u guys can make more and maybe make a business out of them one day! Im so excite! haha
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